Our Planning Process

Our Planning Process

The AdviceOne Process


Meeting with a financial planner for the first time can be a difficult decision. Our advice process generally works in a simple three step process; First meeting; Your Financial Plan, Ongoing Reviews.

1. Our First Meeting

This is our first point of contact where we talk about you and what you see for your future. Whether you have $100 or $1,000,000 we want to help you reach your financial goals. During our meeting we will give you some background about ourselves and our education and how we came to be where we are.

This is also your chance to tell us all about yourselves. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to bring in your financial statements. We will go through a comprehensive questionnaire that gives us the information we need to formulate advice. This includes a risk profile that provides us some detail in regards to your attitude to investing.

Sometimes a follow up meeting is required, however after our meeting we encourage our new clients to contact us if they have any further questions.

2. Your Financial Plan

We design a personal financial plan specifically catering to your goals and objectives. Our financial plans may include wealth creation and superannuation consolidation.

Your AdviceOne Financial Planner will educate you in the intricacy of retirement planning, superannuation, investment and insurance. Our retirement planning also includes Centrelink Strategies that can help you live a comfortable retirement.

We believe a product is merely a tool used to implement a strategy to reach your goals. The strategy behind our advice is more important to us than what product is used. So no matter what age you are our advice is specifically tailored to suit you, not everyone else.

Your Financial Plan is referred to as a Statement of Advice.

A Statement of Advice addresses:

  1. A summary of your current position
  2. Your goals and objectives
  3. Your risk profile
  4. Our personal recommendations and strategies for you
  5. Products we recommend to implement our recommendations
  6. Disclosure and Disclaimers clearly outlining fees and charges

3. Ongoing Reviews

Once your strategies have been implemented it’s important that we keep an eye on how it’s progressing in line with your goals. Reviews are important to ensure the success of your financial plan as it allows us to make recommendations where changes are required. We understand that people’s lives change along with goals and objectives. For this reason we offer all of our clients who are under an Ongoing Service Agreement a minimum of one review each year. Depending on your circumstances it may be necessary to meet up a couple of times a year.  We have different levels of ongoing service packages to suit all your needs.